Getting to know you….Easter Edition

Easter is my all time favorite Holiday of the year!! It comes at a time when life is being renewed, refreshed & Mother Nature starts over! Flowers & plants are peeking above the ground, leaves are poking through on the trees, grass is beginning to green a little at a time, the sunshine is brighter, days are growing progressively longer, the outside temperature is slowly rising and well, the Easter Bunny is coming to town!!


I simply love coloring eggs (still), watching Easter movies, (Yes, I still watch them, along with my husband, adult daughter & teenage son! 😀 ) and cooking & baking lighter fare for our Easter Menu! I always host it here at my home & love every second of it! My children humor me & still do our annual Easter Egg Hunt & are always excited to see what the Easter Bunny left in their baskets!! I will never tire of this fun holiday & traditions!


I await all year for this Great holiday & season of renewal! Here are some questions that were asked of me just recently. I’ll answer them & would love to hear what your answers are too! Happy Easter to you all!!


1. What is the first thing you do to prepare for the Easter Season?

There are a lot of things. I first decorate with my Easter decorations. Less is more & the colors are pastel; there are flowers around too. I also spring clean!


I prepare my Easter Menu list. I try to change it up every year to keep it fresh, but I still have some favorite standbys.

My family & I always start the season with “Jesus Christ Superstar” movie. We then go to our cartoon movies & always finish with our new favorite, “Hop” movie.

I almost daily go through the home singing Easter songs like “Here comes Peter Cottontail” &  “Easter Bonnet”, as well as all of us going through all the music from “Jesus Christ Superstar”!! We’re a very musical family!

I begin to seed for my garden with some of my seeds, as some were already started weeks before & still some soon after, but some of them.


I begin my Spring cleaning & bring up our Spring weather wardrobe & slowly pack up our winter gear! Yay!!

Finally, I begin early in March to shop for Easter gifts & items for my Easter Menu (Non- perishables & non- food items).

2. What is your favorite Easter meal item?

I love the potatoes & the roasted asparagus! I Love dessert too!!


3. What desserts do you enjoy?

I always try to make something lemon-y, along with other desserts. I Love lemon at this time of year! I love to make cream puffs & sometimes even a lemon cheesecake! They’re vegan & g-free!!


4.What are your happiest memories of Easter?

Getting dressed up in pretty pastels & seeing everyone get dressed up! When I was little, we always had a brand new dress with shiny white shoes, white tights, white gloves, a new purse & a pretty hat! When my daughter was born, I dressed her that way too! My son also looked adorable in his little suit & bow tie! Those were the days! We still dress up (A little less formally, but we still do!)! 🙂

5.What are some of your favorite traditions?

Definitely coloring Easter eggs!! I wait all year for this fun activity!! I’m still a kid at heart!! I also love to watch the kids try to find all of the plastic filled eggs on the annual egg hunt! My children will someday be in their forties & I will still hide the eggs & make them find them! Hahaha!

6. Any other traditions?

Every Easter Eve, we light candles & express our gratitude for all we have & we watch “The Ten Commandments”. Then we wait “for the Easter Bunny to arrive”!!


I just love waking to Easter morning!!

I Love to make Spring & Easter crafts & cook & bake lighter, healthier fare & watching the season develop with Hope.

I wish all of you a Wonderful Happy Easter & Beautiful Spring!!

Our bunny, Emma ❤
Our bunny Emma
Our bunny, Olivia ❤
Our bunny Olivia

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