Fruit Salad

With all of the sugary foods out there, it’s always so refreshing to get that sweet flavor without all of the harsh after-effects of sugar, by eating a simple & healthy fruit salad! I do love to make desserts, but after awhile, I like to detox a little by eating a variety of fruits. I try to have fruit everyday & make a fruit salad every weekend breakfast. Every fruit contains a plethora of vitamins & nutrients & they play an important part in preventing cancer & other various diseases. Berries are number one for me & my family, especially what’s in season. We love to grow fruit in our home garden & I simply cannot wait for the season to begin!!
Beautiful fruit salad for breakfast
Most weekend mornings we have a mixture of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries (all of which are grown here in my garden in season), as well as pineapple, and on occasion what’s in season in the markets. Lately, we have been putting citrus fruits in our fruit salads. This past weekend we had oranges, bananas, mangoes, papaya & blueberries.
Spring greens with chopped pecans, black pepper & strawberries
My favorite combination is with berries & watermelon! What combination do you like? Do you like fruit in a green salad with nuts & seeds, or in a fruit salad combination? Do you like to make desserts, like pies, with fruit? Whatever the combination, try to get in fruit everyday! Try to grow some or buy at your local organic Farmer’s Market. Here’s to your health!


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